• The 5 Most Common Mistakes in Advertising

    These days, we all wear a multitude of hats in our daily jobs. And with technology and the industry changing around us at record speed, it’s easy to overlook a thing or two. But at the end of the day, it’s results that count. So here are five common mistakes that can mean the difference between advertising that performs, and advertising that simply wastes your budget.

    1. Overcrowding things: An ad is not a place to put every detail about your company. Try to include no more than 2-3 key selling points that you want to share with potential clients. Any more than that and it likely won’t have much of an effect.
    2. Forgetting to include all methods of contact: Don’t forget to add all of the ways your potential clients can reach you. Do you have a website? What about a Facebook page? Did you include your phone number and business address? People will spend hours promoting their Facebook page, and then forget to include it on their advertising! Don’t be that guy!
    3. Using blurry/poor quality images & design: Quality is VERY important with advertising. Even if your ad is as small as a business card, that small space represents YOU as a company. If it is poorly thrown together with images that are not clear and professional, people are going to notice. Keep it clean and professional, and if you are struggling with it, get a quote from a designer. Pricing for advertisement design is generally low, and you’ll probably be much happier with the end result. (Not to mention it’ll probably be something you can tweak and re-use in the future.)
    4. Change = Not always good!: If I were to ask you what company comes to mind when you think of the colour orange, would you say “Home depot?” If I were to say “red,” would you think of Staples?

      People should recognize your company right away when they see your ad. How can you ensure this happens? By using the same fonts, logo, colour scheme & imagery as you have on your website, business cards & any other promotional material. Keeping everything cohesive means being memorable. It’s important to stand out from the crowd, of course, but don’t make things look so different that people can’t recognize who you are!
    5. Expecting a huge response from running an advertisement infrequently: Folks, the number one rule with advertising is to be realistic! If you’re upset that you haven’t gotten a big response from an ad that’s only been out for a month or two, take a breather and give it another month. If things still aren’t happening, consider moving the ad to another location. Keep in mind that viewers generally need to see an ad more than once in order for it to be truly impactful.

      Another question to consider: Do you track your ad response? Some people assume that their ads aren’t having an effect, when in fact they are! If you don’t keep track of how your clients heard about you, you’ll never know if they’ve seen your ads, or if they found you another way.

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