• Attracting New Customers

    It is the biggest challenge in business; finding new customers. Why? Because if it was easy, everyone would have a successful business. Let’s take a look at how you can bring in more customers.

    Keep it personal!

    Get on a personal level with your customers. Customers appreciate people that will remember them. It will truly mean a lot to them if you call them by their first name. When someone uses a first name it is more likely they are going to trust you and trust in business relationship is essential to maintaining a good reputation. Building a reward system is also a great way to bring customers back. Give discounts after so many purchases or store credits when you spend a certain amount. The more they see you, the more you are going to have a connection.

    Community Service

    Get your business involved in the area. Local communities admire businesses that care about the people around them. From sponsoring a local golf tournament, helping to organize a food drive, or helping with the cost of a sport team's uniforms, it gets your businesses name out there in a positive way.

    Social Media

    Social media is rapidly growing and it will continue to do so. However, it is not only a tool for broadcasting your services and products, but a place for conversation and source for the latest information for your customers. Social media is now one of the fastest ways to maintain communication. Not only does it give you a web presence but it gives you a place to blog, receive feedback, and put a face to your business. That being said, face to face conversations will never go out of style. It is important to arrange meetings and appointments where you are able to get to know customers and be able to make deals by a handshake.

    Product Knowledge

    Lastly, product knowledge is the probably the most important aspect. The more confidence you can show in your services, the more comfortable a customer will be in working with you. Maintaining a consistent image in the community will make your business a reliable source and a top choice from your competitors.

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